A new range of ready-mixed concretes has been launched by independent concrete supplier Hope Construction Materials.

HOPEFlow is a suite of high-performance, self-compacting concretes and flowing screeds that can be placed in a fraction of the time of conventional concrete. The product also provides a high-quality surface finish that requires little or no further remedial work.

The range, which is available nationwide, is ideal for any situation where conventional concrete could be used, from foundations and floors to walls and columns. It flows quickly and easily around complex formwork and busy rebar, without the need for vibration, meaning there is no hand-arm vibration felt by users and less noise throughout the installation process.

In addition, the firm is creating a network of HOPEFlow-approved contractors equipped with the skills and know-how to install the product.

Karl Lawes, business development manager at Co-Dunkall, was one of the first to use HOPEFlow. He said: “Using HOPEFlow, you can generally get a newbuild plot of 150sq m poured and finished within three hours, giving the customer the surface finish that they require. The service and technical support we receive from hope is first class and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending any of their products to our customers.”

Hope Construction Materials’ technical director Mike Bull said: “A combination of concrete additive technology and a formulated blend of aggregate help to give HOPEFlow its remarkable properties.

“After an intensive development programme and live trials with construction partners, we’re delighted to introduce HOPEFlow after the launch of the company in January. The idea of self-compacting concrete is not that new, but the innovation is the ability to supply it almost anywhere in the country.”

For more information please visit HopeConstructionMaterials.com.