With temperatures this week hitting a record high, Matthew Fell, Chief UK Policy Director at CBI, has some recommendations for keeping your employees comfortable and safe.

CBI is a business organisation which speaks for 190,000 organisations in the UK.

He is encouraging companies to consider a range of measures to keep employees comfortable during the heatwave as the Met Office suggests temperatures could reach 38°C at the end of July in some areas of the UK.

Fell says: “While the current hot spell has provided welcome fillip for consumer-facing sectors, large numbers of employees are feeling the heat as they carry out their day-to-day tasks, especially those working outdoors.

“Responsible employers take the welfare of their employees very seriously, particularly during this unusual weather. Companies can help keep their employees cool by considering a range of measures, from flexible working to help those with punishing commutes to relaxed dress codes, so staff feel more comfortable in their place of work.

“Ultimately a common sense approach is needed, as some employees will have less flexibility than others, for example those wearing safety equipment on construction sites.

“In all cases, staff should have easy access to drinking water as temperatures soar to help keep them healthy and productive.”