Premium Swedish brand Hultafors has kicked off its 2024 activity with the launch of three new square models for the professional craftsperson.

A professional model, a lightweight model, and a successor to their adjustable mitre square, the Quattro 270.

The professional and lightweight models resemble classic squares with black handles and 45 mm wide steel blades. Users will benefit from new scribing notches on the professional and Quattro, while the lightweight model lives up to its name thanks to a thinner blade.

The Quattro has a stainless steel rotatable 270° blade with fixed positions for 45, 90, and 135-degree angles and is also completely foldable to easily fit into a pocket. The blade rotates three-quarters of a turn, offering two positions where the blade is at a 90-degree angle for a sharp or rounded corner.

Product Manager Peter Victorin said; "Our squares are based on the fact that they are sometimes subjected to rather harsh treatment on construction sites. Therefore, we have not only worked on ensuring high-angle accuracy but also that they must be very robust. A crucial part of our sustainability efforts is ensuring that our products have a long lifespan and can withstand the reality on modern construction sites.”

The new squares form part of Hultafors' sustainability work. The Swedish company has invested in completely new production equipment for the squares which are manufactured in one of Hultafors' four European factories.

Since 2018, Hultafors has reduced the carbon dioxide emissions from those factories by a whopping 70%. Furthermore, the manufacturer has set an impressive ambition to reduce its footprint by 92% by 2030.

To support the launch, Hultafors is running a social media campaign alongside planned activity at the upcoming Toolfairs and NMBS show where it will be showcasing and demonstrating the latest additions to its range of professional hand tools. Furthermore, a strategic advertising campaign in the trade press will form part of the new marketing strategy for 2024, focused on increasing brand awareness in the UK and Ireland and assisting merchants with sell-through.

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