The recent housing revival has faced brick producers with the challenge of meeting the surge in demand, confronting builders’ merchants and developers with potential lead times of up to six months.

Huws Gray brick specialist centres have worked hard behind the scenes to overcome the shortage crisis, investing heavily in order to maintain stock levels and working closely with the likes of Wienerberger, Ibstock and Hanson to sustain and enhance a regular supply of quality stock.

Wienerberger Class B engineering bricks red and blues 65mm and 73mm are readily available, as are bricks from Hanson’s Measham, Kirton and Desford factories, according to Huws Gray. Cheshire pre-war commons and Cheshire originals are apparently also always in stock.

The merchant’s brick specialist centres have also been working closely with Thermalite, to ensure that they have plenty of shield and high-strength blocks in stock.