Staff at Chandlers Building Supplies, Parker Building Supplies and Fairalls raised almost £15,000 for charity in just ten weeks of dedicated fundraising.

A team from the Independent Builders Merchant Group was crowned the winners of the Teenage Cancer Trust’s Mission Unstoppable challenge.

The Merchant Mission team, comprised of Chandlers Building Supplies, Parker Building Supplies and Fairalls, raised almost £15,000 for the charity in just ten weeks of dedicated fundraising.

Competing against five other teams to raise the most funds for Teenage Cancer Trust within the allocated time period, IBMG’s Merchant Mission squad took poll position with a remarkable £4,000 lead on the runners up and a £6,000 lead on the team that came in third place. 

Initiatives run by IBMG’s Merchant Mission team included a footie World Cup challenge, sponsored dog walk, Christmas jumper jolly, a gala dinner, charity auction, in-branch darts competition and much more.

Five employees, spread across Chandlers Building Supplies, Parker Building Supplies and Fairalls, formed IBMG’s Merchant Mission team to spearhead the campaign and engage with colleagues throughout the IBMG branch network.

Led by Stuart Hayler, of Fairalls, Taylors Hill, the team also included; Mike Granger of Chandlers Building Supplies, Woking;  Murdina Hook, Parker Building Supplies Crowborough; Keiryn Giles, Fairalls, Taylors Hill, Jake Graham, Chandlers Building Supplies, Banstead; and Maddie Hickman at IBMG’s head office.

Hayler said: “This was a super team effort. Everyone bought into the mission with the Teenage Cancer Trust message resonating. It has been an incredible journey and an achievement that makes us all really proud.” 

Helen Farquharson of Teenage Cancer Trust said: “Congratulations to IBMG’s Merchant Mission Team on winning the challenge. We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. We have enjoyed watching you take on new challenges over the last number of months. You have been an unstoppable force that is really helping young people through cancer.”