Ideal Bathrooms Yellow Price Guide is something of an industry institution. It has been the authoritative guide to prices on all the industry’s leading brands for over 30 years. During this time it has, of course, grown and changed. Now it is leading the way in introducing a new look throughout Ideal Bathrooms’ communications and marketing strategy.

The Yellow Price Guide has now undergone a radical change whilst still retaining its familiar yellow colour. The cover and the first few pages have taken on a new look, and pricing and product information page layouts have also been updated to make the guide easier to navigate for the user.

Grouping together of products into complete units simplifies selection and identifies exactly what goes with what. Consistency of product description across all the brands makes comparison much easier, irrespective of the preferred brand.

The new price guide is the first publication in Ideal Bathrooms’ introduction of a new, more dynamic style throughout the company with an emphasis on a friendly, knowledgeable tone which reflects their passion for bathrooms.

It’s not just style for the sake of a new look. It is very much leading to a more customer focused approach to all activities, including communications with retailers and a total commitment to continual improvement in order to justify their position as the number one choice bathroom distributor.

Whilst the new 400-page price guide retains its familiar yellow colour, it is now even bigger and better with all the best bathroom brands at outstanding prices plus a new introductory section reflecting the new marketing philosophy on how to better help customers.

It will be produced twice a year in future and the online version will be continuously updated with any price changes, plus special offers.

It’s all part of a new look where Ideal Bathrooms is adopting the word and the concept of ‘Ideal’ – all summed up in the phrase – “That’s Ideal”.