Roofers from across the UK and throughout Europe are invited to take part in the IFD FAKRO Winter Olympics, which are being held from 5 to 7 February in the picturesque ski resort of Muszyna in Poland.

This will be the fifth time the event has taken place in the Beskid Sądecki mountain range and it does so under the honorary patronage of the IFD, the International Federation for the Roofing Trade. The IFD will also be holding its conference for roofers, providing a forum for the contractor community to exchange experiences and opinions.

Winter sports competitions will take place in three disciplines, with tobogganing on 6 February, followed by downhill skiing the next morning and snowboarding in the afternoon. Toboggans will be supplied free while equipment for skiing and snowboarding can be rented to save the inconvenience and cost of transportation.

National teams of roofers will give a truly international flavour to the occasion. An international website,, has been set up to provide information for those looking to attend.

Last year’s competition saw 70 roofers take part, including eight NFRC contractors. Other countries represented included Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland, while media representatives from seven nations also attended.

In addition to the usual time-linked element to competitions, they will also be scored on an age-linked handicap system. FAKRO’s marketing manager, Andrew Cross, said: “The venue is spectacular and has something for everyone, not least because it is not a resort promoted in the UK. The competitions are wide open by virtue of the scoring system, but will otherwise be judged according to sports regulations of the Polish Skiing Association. Individual competitions will be taking place for men and women, as well as teams of up to five people.”

Non-competing visitors will have the opportunity to take a leisurely approach using ski-doos and snowmobiles, as well as make use of the hotel spa facilities.