DUBLIN: Ikea will make its second splash in the Irish advertising market this weekend premiering a 'reality TV' advertisement to promote its kitchen range.

As part of a multi-media campaign that cost between £250 000 and £350 000, the advertisement comes almost a year after Ikea's billboard advertising campaign heralded the Dublin store's opening.

Viewers of RTE 'The Late Late Show' broadcast this evening will get the first glimpse of the TV incarnation, which Ikea claims is "the first reality home makeover commercial to be aired on Irish television".

The advertisements will show Ikea's 'Kitchen Squad' go into three homes and rip out the old kitchens before replacing them with new Ikea ones.

Hidden cameras capture the "drama and confusion" of the switch then played out over three instalments which will run from this weekend until May.

The campaign will also be supported by a promotion on TV3's 'Ireland AM' as well as extensive press and online activity.

"Although their methods may be extreme, after watching these adverts everyone will want to come home to see a little yellow telephone waiting for them," said Ikea Dublin marketing manager Lisa O'Brien.

Ikea Dublin will have its own 'Kitchen Squad' to help shoppers choose their "optimum kitchen" from a range of more than 45 on sale at its flagship store, she stated.