Winter weather has hit the headlines this month, with experts forecasting an imminent onslaught of snow, storms and sub-zero temperatures.

With freezing conditions expected to set in next month and continue until February 2017, home heating plans will be a high priority for many – as Gary Shields, bathrooms and fires category manager for F & P, Primaflow and Connections, explained:

“Every autumn, as nights draw in and temperatures drop, thoughts turn to winter heating – specifically, the possible need to upgrade or add to existing systems. However, given recent news coverage of the unusually harsh conditions ahead, public awareness of the need to prepare for winter is likely to be heightened – and so suppliers can almost certainly expect a spike in demand for home heating products over the coming months.”

Although installers – and in turn fire retailers and merchants – are likely to experience a widespread increase in requests for heating-related products, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, as Mr Shields continued:

“Installers will find that their customers’ needs vary widely: some will be looking for an entire heating overhaul – and so require multiple product types and features – whereas others may simply be looking for a single portable heater to provide extra warmth at an affordable price.

“Customers will also have different preferences and priorities when it comes to issues such as efficiency, aesthetics and environmental impact. Retailers and merchants will naturally be keen to cater for these diverse needs and to respond to installer requests in a timely way.”