Patrons of CRASH gathered last week to recognise and celebrate the generosity shown to the construction and property charity for the homeless.

The event, held at Argent LLP, heard CRASH trustee and Argent LLP partner Tony Giddings and CRASH chairman Ian Tyler pay tribute to the positive impact the industry has working alongside the charity.

CRASH chief executive Francesca Roberts thanked all the patron companies for their loyalty and support. "This has been the year when we have been able to take what CRASH does for homelessness charities to a new level. The project at Pilsdon shows what companies in the industry can achieve that helps people now and also leaves a legacy for the future," Ms Roberts said.

“CRASH is unique. The companies that support CRASH not only give time, but critically the expertise their people have whether it is surveyors, engineers or project managers. And that is what charity should be about, about people sharing what they are good at, sharing something of themselves.

“Yes donations of money are important but it is blending that with the gifts that people have, their expertise, what they are naturally good at. It is taking the time and the trouble to share those gifts that makes such a difference and sets CRASH apart as a charity. The construction and property industry has every reason to feel immensely proud of what they have created and sustained in CRASH.”

An award ceremony followed the speeches, celebrating individuals and patrons who had gone 'above and beyond' for the charity in the last year.

Award winners were BAM Construction Ltd as Patron Providing the Greatest Value of Professional Expertise to CRASH 2013/14, British Gypsum as Patron Donating the Largest Supply of Materials to CRASH 2013/14, and to EC Harris LLP as Patron Raising the Most Additional Donations for CRASH 2013/14.

CRASH is a charity addressing the issues of homelessness by harnessing the skills, products and goodwill of the construction and property industry. The charity works between the industry and homelessness agencies to help improve emergency night shelters, hostels, day centres and move-on accommodation.