Intact, the Hemel Hempstead-based provider of software and technology solutions to the merchant and distribution sector, has acquired the UK-based software house Blue Rock Systems.

The Southampton business has been reselling, implementing and supporting Intact ERP systems (enterprise resource planning) for over 16 years.

Making the announcement, Intact CEO Justin Lawless said that the move would strengthen Intact’s market share and bolster the company’s talent pool to support growth plans for Ireland, the UK and global markets.

He said: “The acquisition of Blue Rock Systems (BRS) is part of Intact’s strategy to become the leading provider of ERP and business software solutions in the merchant and distribution sector. 

“This important development adds to our strong customer base and involves a team of highly skilled individuals, with deep software industry expertise, who will enhance customer service and support our growth plans.”

Intact’s historic profits facilitated the self-funded multi-million-pound acquisition, without the requirement for outside investment.

Blue Rock Systems’ full team has been retained as part of the deal which will see Intact employee numbers increase from 200 to 243 staff across Ireland and the UK. 

Lawless added: “Blue Rock Systems grew revenue 30% last year, returning double digit profit growth. Its 43 staff and senior management are all vastly experienced in the software industry and, working collaboratively as part of Intact, will add immense value to our product and service offering.”

The UK software business was formed in March 2005 by Managing Director George Troullis, Sales Director Glen Jewell, and Lance Norton, the company's Commercial Director.

George Troullis will oversee the business incorporation, complementing the Intact senior leadership team.  This will facilitate collaborative integration of the company’s people, processes, systems and cultures, with the aim of ensuring a seamless transition to Intact for more than 150 customers of BRS. 

Blue Rock Systems already implements and supports Intact-developed systems across a network of UK trade customers. It has also successfully developed complementary products including e-commerce, POD scanning and on-line auctioning, to expand the solution on offer. The company focuses on the market as Intact: primarily merchants and distribution.

In February this year, Intact invested in a new, expanded state-of-the-art UK headquarters in Hemel Hempstead.  

Blue Rock is Intact’s second software business acquisition in England. In 2016 the software company acquired Ramtac, another of its UK VAR partners, (value-added resellers), which has facilitated market expansion.

Intact’s annual turnover, currently in the region of €17 million, has grown over 500% in the last ten years, with more than 60% growth anticipated in the coming year.   

The desire to expand the world-class team at Intact, by strengthening it with an influx of high-performing people, was a key driver for the acquisition, according to Lawless.

Troullis, commented: “The synergy is excellent, and the combined expertise will strongly boost customer resources. 

“This acquisition will see existing and new customers benefit from an expansion of services and improved processes, with an integrated team sharing best practice to ensure we maximise Intact market performance.”