International Timber marked the 350th anniversary of its parent company Saint Gobain by planting 350 sapling trees at sites across the country.

Teams from International Timber’s six sites donated and planted 350 saplings at nominated locations across the country including schools, hospices and parks. The chosen sites were nominated because they would benefit from young trees being planted, where there was educational or aesthetic benefit to be had.

The sites included Falkirk Community Trust Callander Park, to replace trees that had been lost through storm damage, and Juniper Urban Wildlife Centre, a project to transform a wasteland into a wildlife reserve. Fifty trees also went to Wellacre Academy in Manchester, where students will care for and study the trees.

Kerry Wardle, marketing manager at International Timber said: “We thought the planting of 350 trees was a fitting tribute to Saint Gobain and a testament to the long history of the brand. We hope our 350 trees will live to be 350 years old and provide a lasting tribute to be enjoyed by generations to come.”