Bathroom manufacturers want to develop a universal standard to indicate the water efficiency of fittings and appliances.

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association, the trade association for bathroom manufacturers in the UK, has welcomed the idea of a new universal banding system to show how water efficient products are, to encourage merchants to choose products that save water.

The BMA’s Technical Director, Andy McLean, attended a recent meeting in Australia where representatives from the UK, China, Japan, the US, Switzerland, Australia and Singapore met to discuss how this could be achieved.

The Water Label scheme would be applied to taps, sanitaryware and household appliances by measuring how much water they use and waste. It would also include a test method for people to check the water efficiency of products.

McLean said: “The aim of this work is to develop universally recognised bandings for water use, and easily implemented methods to measure water that can be used across a wide scope of products.

“We recognise that this will be challenging due to regional and current scheme differences, but there is a will to work towards global water efficiencies as we all face the impact of climate change and global warming.”