A modern axe with a timeless feel

Hultafors - toolmakers and custodians of the Swedish axe foundry Hults Bruk is launching a lineup of new products in their premium axe range. A new axe and a range of leather accessories, all developed in collaboration with Swedish Outdoor expert Johan Skullman.

The highlight of the collection is the Dvardala hunting and forest axe. It has the same look and feel as all their premium axes, a dark and rugged, almost brutal metal finish on the 0,7 kg head, contrasted by a perfectly polished edge and a linseed oiled hickory handle. But it is a truly modern axe when it comes to functionality. It is based on the same design as their Åby axe, but shorter, 44 cm long to fit well into a backpack. It’s based on the idea that axes used to be made for specific purposes. But many axe users today need a more all-round axe that can perform a wider range of tasks, such as chopping wood, felling smaller trees, whittling and bushcrafting. So, the axe has been given more thickness to be able to chop wood, a flat and wide grinding phase and a hand notch for whittling, with a semi-straight edge that works both for felling and whittling.

Even though it’s called a hunting axe it’s an axe for anyone who needs a versatile axe for a day in the forest. Says Lennart Jansson, Product Manager for axes at Hultafors.

To complement their premium axes, Hultafors is also launching a range of high-quality accessories. The collection includes a holster, an overstrike guard, a leather belt and finally an axe sling so you can bring your axe without the need for a backpack. They are all made in Sweden with hides from Swedish cows and manufactured with the greatest care for the animals and the environment. The leather is vegetable-tanned full-grain leather for the best possible durability and the natural treatment means that it will age beautifully when worn.

“We are proud to be able to say that our axes are among the best available and when we developed new axe sheaths and accessories for our premium axes, we had just as high ambitions in terms of both quality and environmental considerations. We were lucky to find a Swedish leather supplier who shares our high ambitions. They work with traceability and transparency throughout the production chain to be able to have control over a wide range of sustainability factors such as animal husbandry, electricity and resource use as well as social sustainability.” Says Lennart Jansson.

As a bonus Hultafors are also updating all their premium axes with new axe sheaths made from the same leather as the accessories. The sheaths are embossed with the Hults Bruk logotype and riveted together for maximum durability. A small Swedish flag celebrates the heritage of Hultafors and Hults Bruk as well as the fact that the sheaths are made in Sweden using Swedish leather.

"We are proud to be able to continue developing our axes, even after more than 300 years in the business. And with our focus on quality, sustainability, and tradition this axe and our new accessories will deliver on any outdoor adventure." concludes Lennart Jansson.

Merchants and stockists of the Hults Bruk range of Premium Axes and Accessories can benefit from a collection on high-impact, quality point of sale and merchandising options including solid wood displays, magnetic and easy stick backgrounds and wire locks to protect stock from theft supported by comprehensive social media and on-line campaigns.

Contact 01484 854488 for more information or email salessupport@hultaforsgroup.com