The latest model to join Monarch Water’s high efficiency range of sustainable water softeners featuring Opti-Brining® and Rapid-Fit Bypass

Maintaining its position at the forefront of innovation, Monarch Water has developed a 30-litre version to add to the hugely efficient HE range. Available for small commercial and large residential applications, the Ultimate Matrix is the ultimate solution to tackle hard water and the problems it causes.

Building on the strength of the existing range and featuring all its benefits, the new model measures 1038h x 270w x 485d. Its high-efficiency capacity of 5,500 litres at 300ppm between regenerations makes it ideal for large families of between 7 to18 people as well as small businesses.

Just like its counterparts, the Ultimate Matrix conserves water through its Opti-Brining® technology, which means that the unit only regenerates when needed – using less water, salt and energy than ever before. It’s these innovations that make the HE range the most sustainable in its class.

The Ultimate Matrix also features Monarch Water’s unique Hi-flow Rapid-Fit bypass, which removes the need of 80% of equipment previously needed to install a water softener. Installers simply connect the water in and out from the mains supply, then connect the hoses to the softener for quick and easy installation.

“Developing the Ultimate Matrix means that even more hard water homes and businesses can enjoy the benefits that a sustainable water softener offers,” says Kevin Johnson, MD of Monarch Water and Technical Director of the UK Water Treatment Association. “It also widens installers’ potential customer base and therefore profit potential, so everyone’s a winner.”