Timber specialist Masons has launched it’s new mini mouldings box, providing a high margin, low risk, fast turn around product range to help retailers and merchants boost sales.

Providing an easy way to market handy 1200mm lengths of mouldings to the Trade and DIY buyer, the mini mouldings box is the perfect in-store solution to encourage additional add-on sales.

The 500 x 500mm compact display unit is free to order, allowing easy selection of 20 fast moving SKUs, providing trade professionals and DIY buyers with a simple solution to save time and money, by giving them the option to get everything they need from one place.

The mini mouldings box comes with handy colour coded price bands, as well as an over sticker pack allowing tailoring of pricing quickly and easily.

By stocking the new mini mouldings box, merchants can help keep up with growing consumer demands for home improvements and projects.

Make the most of the mouldings market today.

For more information on Mason’s range of mouldings please visit: www.masons.co.uk or Call 0800 021 4887.