Fortis Merchants has announced that JT Dove will join the buying group from 1 April, 2015.

Discussions between Fortis and JT Dove have been on going for a number of months and Fortis is delighted with the company’s decision to join. The addition of JT Dove to Fortis will increase the group’s membership to 41 with a combined turnover in excess of £1.2bn.

Fortis chairman John Parker said: '”We would like to welcome JT Dove to the group, who has the same strategic approach to the market and want to work with us to offer suppliers the first credible alternative to the nationals.”

JT Dove managing director Steve Robinson added: “We are delighted to be accepted into Fortis and see it is as the right buying group to continue our current development. We look forward to fully contributing in future deals with our new colleagues who have shown great professionalism and have been very welcoming towards JT Dove.”