COVENTRY: Jewson is the chosen national distributor of WISA-Twin plywood, the sustainable multi-purpose plywood product on the market manufactured by UPM.

WISA-Twin has a softwood spruce core and a hardwood birch face and can be used as a direct replacement for tropical hardwood plywood but because the timber used to manufacture the product is sourced from PEFC certified forests and manufactured in Finland WISA-Twin is a much more sustainable option for the construction industry.

By not using traditional tropical hardwoods sourced from forests with sensitive ecosystems and endangered species of trees and wildlife, WISA Twin will help construction companies reduce the environmental impact of their activity.

Being sourced from Finland and not the Far East also greatly reduces the carbon footprint involved in the manufacture and transportation of the product.

Announcing the distribution deal, James Pennington, Jewson's supply manager panel products for WISA-Twin said: "We are delighted to be working with WISA-Twin and to be able to offer our customers this new product. I am sure it will be a great success added to our existing range of Chain of Custody timber products."