Jewson has donated sandbags to the Nuneaton Wildlife Sanctuary after the recent wet weather resulted in flooding.

The sanctuary rescues sick, injured and abandoned birds and animals using only donations. Justina, a volunteer at the sanctuary, requested the sandbags following flooding in the Nuneaton area.

Warwick council had been providing sandbags but due to high demand, the owner and staff at the Sanctuary were still struggling to keep the animals protected, leaving them on the ground and vulnerable to danger.

Bedworth branch manager Simon Procter donated 10 25kg bags of sand, which were collected by the sanctuary on Thursday 13 February.

“We saw this donation as a great way of helping a worthy cause,” said Mr Procter. “The flooding has been a nightmare for a lot of people and you can feel so helpless when there are animals involved.

“Being a local partner, we get involved with community projects like this as we recognise the importance in engaging with the local area and giving something back. We were extremely happy to help Justina and her team out.”

The sanctuary’s team said: “We are so grateful for the donation from Jewson. We appreciate the help it has given us in keeping the sanctuary protected in this weather, and most importantly keeping the animals safe.”