Following the recent acquisition of Borderstone from Aggregate Industries, Kelkay is now focusing on the key product areas moving forward.

The purchase enhances Kelkay’s range of products by introducing additional pre-cast favourites, along with a substantial natural stone offering.

The key line is the range of natural paving, which includes sandstone in four colours and slate in two colours. All natural paving is available in 5.5m2 and 10.2m2 patio kits with a larger additional 15.3m2 patio kit in the sandstone range. There is also a range of landscaping features including stepping stones, edgings and dollies to complement Kelkay’s collection of pre-cast stone products.

Supported with Borderstone-branded point of sale, these new products are available to Kelkay customers from February. In addition, a number of Borderstone-branded products are to be sold, creating buying opportunities in excess of £2m at retail. This offer stock will significantly improve margins across many everyday volume-selling lines.

“We are delighted with the initial feedback we have received from our customers,” said Antony Harker, managing director of Kelkay. “We are looking forward to an exciting new era building the Borderstone brand and existing portfolio.”