Trading software provider Kerridge Commercial Systems has made a new acquisition, increasing its platform nation-wide.

It has bought EDP, which supplies sales analytics and customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software, such as Vecta and Quatum, to merchants.

The two companies were previously competitors, but, according to KCS, they have decided that merging together offers mutual benefit for both parties.

By integrating with EDP, KCS says customers will be offered a more extensive product suite. It will also be able to offer the Vecta CRM/BI sales system to its wider global customer base as a stand-alone product, as well as integrating it as a module within some of the KCS products.

KCS will continue to provide customers with EDP’s Quantum, Merchant, Charisma, Esprit and The Business Programme products. It also plans to offer alternative products, such as its core K8 ERP system, to EDP customers.

Ian Bendelow, Chief Executive Officer of KCS, said: “The acquisition of EDP is a great opportunity to accelerate our strategy.

“It brings us greater presence in the UK and an increased platform for growth in our traditional markets.

“EDP is a high quality business with customer offerings that are highly complementary to KCS.”

Sir Michael Heller, Non-Executive Chairman of EDP, said: “The EDP and KCS businesses have been good competitors for many years, addressing the needs of customers in the same vertical markets.

“The EDP directors believe that KCS’ activities provide a strong fit with those of EDP and that KCS is an appropriate partner to continue the development of the EDP business.”