Keystone and IG Lintels has announced the appointment of Leah Coleman as its new Marketing Manager.

Until now, Keystone’s marketing has been chiefly delivered via its Head Office in Cookstown, Northern Ireland. The development  of the marketing practice in Derbyshire presents a great growth opportunity for Keystone Lintels.

Coleman takes on the Marketing Manager position following eighteen years in marketing within the construction and engineering sectors. She brings a wealth of experience to the role, having worked across marketing and advertising, websites, social media, branding, and sales.

She will be responsible for the management of the brand campaigns, e-commerce platforms, events, and marketing assets. She will be managing the Hi-therm+ campaign, which focuses on how products help deliver on Part L regulations, and the ‘Movies from Home’ campaign, which incentivises merchants to send their leads to Keystone Lintels, to increase sales.

In her previous role, Coleman was Ischebeck Titan's Group Marketing Manager. She transformed a fledgling marketing practice into a fully-developed discipline within the company.

Coleman is delighted to bring her wealth of marketing experience and ambition to the Keystone Group in Swadlincote, where she aims to grow and develop the team, commenting: “I’m really excited to have the autonomy to build new marketing plans into the business, develop strong relationships with key clients,  and support the team in bringing out the Keystone message.”

“As a marketer, my passion comes from understanding the wants and needs of the customers and aligning the brand message with that. I was excited to make a move to a progressive company that understands how to harness the power of the brand and uses it to their success. The Keystone Group values that, and I believe my expertise in strategic marketing is well-placed here.”

“I have had a wonderful start to my position at Keystone Lintels. The support from the team has been incredible and I’ve formed great working relationships already. I’m looking forward to continue working with the team and building relationships with key clients as well.”