SANDY: The Kier Group has acquired Beco for £2.4m. Beco designs and installs solar panels and similar products.

Beco was one of the first organisations to become a government-approved installer of photovoltaic cells - and the government is expected to launch its 'green deal' in the near future, where householders are helped with funding to invest in energy efficiency and low carbon measures.

Beco will become the delivery arm of Kier Group's newly formed business unit, Kier Energy Innovations and will allow Kier to respond to the government's drive to substantially reduce CO2 in the next decade and beyond.

Paul Sheffield, Kier Group chief executive, said: "This acquisition gives us the capability to design and deliver PV installations across our wide network of businesses across the country. It will accelerate our access to a growing opportunity and enable us to respond to the needs of our customers to provide energy saving solutions to their commercial and domestic premises."