As part of its continuing specialisation, roofing accessory manufacturer Klober has introduced an extensive range of wall and underfloor vents for both newbuild and refurbishment projects.

It includes lightweight, easy-to-install ducting elements suitable for a standard footprint design. Through-the-wall and drill vent sets, weep and face-fit vents, interlocking airbricks, liners, extensions, converters and ducting provide either background ventilation or that required by heating appliances and central heating. For plumbing work, products are supplied with elongated spigots.

Underfloor ventilation removes stagnant air and prevents condensation while weep vents can be slotted between bricks and mortared into position to provide an unobtrusive ventilation point for the cavity.

All Klober products conform to the relevant Building Regulations and British Standards and, where appropriate, are BBA, BRE and IAB certified. They come with a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and are available in up to five colours.