Knauf Insulation has released its latest Sustainability Report, Insulation Matters, which highlights the manufacturer’s achievements.

During 2015, the halfway point to reaching its targets, Knauf Insulation has reportedly managed to cut energy use by 17.5% and reduce CO2 emissions by 16.4%. Significantly, 2015 marked a major milestone as Knauf Insulation also achieved its target of cutting water discharge by 50% — five years ahead of its deadline.

In the UK, Knauf Insulation released Environmental Product Declarations for a wide range of its products and took action on making warmer homes a government infrastructure priority. A big step towards this ambition was achieved in 2016 when the UK’s multi-billion pound National Infrastructure Plan recognised home energy efficiency as infrastructure for the first time.

Additionally, the UK arm of the business also invested €5m into its Queensferry rock mineral wool manufacturing plant, to increase the capacity and capabilities to meet customer needs. The upgrades will deliver thermal and mechanical improvements, along with an increased portfolio of insulation solutions

Vincent Briard, head of sustainability, products and buildings at Knauf Insulation, said: “We have come a long way in just five years and our halfway point achievements in 2015 are a tribute to the hard work and innovation of everyone at Knauf Insulation — at every level and at every site.

“Sustainability at Knauf Insulation is as much about helping our customers to meet today’s challenges as it is about our own performance.”

In the report, Knauf Insulation speaks with colleagues, policy makers, specifiers, installers, construction companies and retailers from all around the world to showcase how sustainability is at the heart of everything it does. It also highlights how it is playing a part in continuously campaigning to keep energy efficiency, sustainability and building safety at the heart of the political debate across the world.

To download the report, visit the company’s website.