Identifying laser markings when working in a brightly lit building can prove tricky, but not with the Stabila LAX 300G laser, now available from Hyde.

With green laser lines for optimum visibility in bright indoor lighting conditions, the new cross line laser is a must for any tradesman’s tool bag.

In fact, Stabila GREENBEAM technology means that the laser lines are four times more visible to the human eye than red lines, ensuring greater accuracy and fewer marking errors no matter what the conditions. Thanks to high-performance optics, the green laser is focused into a fine, sharp line for precision every time, while the outstanding clarity of the lines enables accurate work to be carried out with a visible measuring range up to 30m. The Stabila GREENBEAM technology provides better visibility at a distance, making the LAX 300G far superior to conventional red lasers, even over longer distances.

The self-levelling line laser is the ideal tool for all interior construction tasks, from fitting and aligning electrical installations, drywall construction and marking out tile layouts, to levelling window heights, constructing kitchen cupboards and aligning worktops. The versatile technology provides crossline, independent horizontal or vertical lines which covers almost the entire room, with plumb-line dots upwards and downwards.

Pendulum technology designed for the construction site ensures quick self-levelling for maximum efficiency, while the compact yet shock absorbent housing has an extendable foot for height adjustment for working directly on U-profiles.

Operating the LAX 300G is simple too, with a single-button operation for easy changeover of functions. The laser can be used all day without needing to be recharged, thanks to the latest generation of energy-saving laser diodes, while a handy belt pouch means the tool can be kept conveniently close to hand, while a two-year guarantee provides complete peace of mind.

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