Adhesive technologies expert LOCTITE® is reinforcing its commitment to exceed customer expectations in adhesive solutions, by going ‘Beyond the Bond’ with full, end-to-end support.

LOCTITE is widely recognised as a premium brand and a problem solver, offering reliable, easy-to-use, high-quality products: "Our focus has always been on delivering reliability and superior solutions," said a spokesperson from LOCTITE. "These elements are at the core of our operations and innovations as we look to deliver an amazing customer experience from end-to-end."

As part of its commitment to building close customer relationships, LOCTITE continues to lead the way with its educational initiatives aimed at enhancing the understanding and application of adhesives. The LOCTITE Xplore E-learning platform, a free-to-use educational tool in the industry, has recently expanded its reach by partnering with several prestigious universities to help prospective industry professionals. This platform provides comprehensive training that is instrumental in shaping the future of adhesives technology.

In addition to online resources, LOCTITE continues to offer in-person workshops and line surveys as it fosters close partnerships with each of its customers. These events are designed to deliver both practical and theoretical knowledge, empowering industry professionals with the latest best practices in adhesive application. "Our seminars and workshops are more than just learning sessions; they are an opportunity to directly engage with the community and understand their needs better," George Hickey, LOCTITE Marketing Specialist added. For companies looking to keep their teams on the cutting edge, these courses are renewable, ensuring that their knowledge remains current.

LOCTITE also offers valuable resources through various online materials for different industries and issues, which LOCTITE expert sales engineers can advise customers on. These materials are part of LOCTITE's ongoing efforts to support its clients in overcoming technical challenges with ease and efficiency.

Looking to the future, LOCTITE aims to continue its growth trajectory, focusing on becoming the most recognised and appreciated brand in the adhesive space. With a solid foundation of trust and expertise, LOCTITE is committed to being the most reliable and expert partner for distributors and customers alike.