Homeowners and roof installers have four weeks left to take advantage of white polyurethane roof windows offer.

VELUX® is offering homeowners and window installers across the UK and Ireland a raft of rewards, redeemable at a range of top brand partners, each time they buy VELUX white polyurethane roof windows until the end of April. 

For every white polyurethane roof window bought this month (April 2017) buyers can claim £35 of rewards, redeemable at retailers including M&S, Argos, Pizza Express, Thomas Cook, Ticketmaster and Currys PC World.

Customers have until 12 May to claim their rewards from VELUX, but can only do so by registering to the scheme online at www.velux.co.uk/rewards.

Originally developed for bathrooms, the VELUX white polyurethane roof window has evolved into a vast range of products ideal for contemporary white interiors and ceilings. They comprise a solid core of thermally modified timber encased in moulded polyurethane with a bright white finish.

Typically, installers and homeowners choose this finish for more humid rooms like kitchens and bathrooms as the windows have no visible joints, ensuring a clean and moisture-resistant finish.

Almost the entire VELUX range is available in white polyurethane, from manual, centre-pivot and top-hung standard roof windows to combination solutions, and remote controlled VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows.

Richard McArthur, marketing manager from VELUX said: “There are only a few weeks left to claim rewards with the purchase of our white polyurethane roof window range. We have timed the offer to coincide with spring, as we know this is a popular time for homeowners to make improvements to their house such as upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, which this range is ideally suited to.”