Buying group NBG has welcomed Leaside into its membership of independent builders’ merchants.

Leaside, based in Hertfordshire, is a family-run business with a branch in Hoddesdon selling building materials. It also has a strong landscaping and timber offering.

Like all NBG members, Leaside is a specialist and independently owned merchant supplying building materials to local tradesmen. Leaside has been trading for more than 25 years, starting out in street materials and timber, and then expanding three years later into general building supplies. The company also operates a small but successful housebuilding operation.

David Cooper, Managing Director of Leaside, said: “So many NBG members have told me in glowing terms about the organisation over the years that I decided to take a closer look last year. I was originally attracted by the potential cost savings, but the other benefits – such as shared best-practice, savings in buying admin, and the opportunity to deal with the industry’s biggest and best brands - clinched the decision for us.”