A new eco-friendly board material is taking the global worktop industry by storm and Keller Kitchens is leading the way in bringing it to the UK. Forming the core material for Dekker’s high quality laminate worktops, Greenpanel is a revolutionary new material that is set to reduce a kitchen’s carbon footprint and, literally, lighten the load for installers.

Constructed from an innovative grid of waterproof HDF (high density fibreboard) strips, Greenpanel uses significantly fewer raw materials than traditional solid boards. Brilliantly, this is all achieved without compromising on quality or stability, thereby conserving more of our natural forests while enjoying the same strong, durable surface you’d expect from a solid board. FSC and PEFC certified, Greenpanel’s lighter construction emits fewer CO2 emissions, both in transport and during production. Furthermore, Greenpanel is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, so continues to offer excellent eco-credentials to the very end.

Keller Kitchens is offering Greenpanel-based laminate worktops in all of Dekker’s TopLaminate and DecorTop colours, which represents an impressive 85-strong palette featuring realistic stone and wood designs, plus modern solid colours in greys, whites and black.

For further information, please visit www.kellerkitchens.com.