Leading forklift truck manufacturer, Linde Material Handling showcased its new H35D diesel truck at UK Construction Week.

This 3.5 tonne capacity diesel truck has been fitted with a series of innovative safety devices that are designed to reduce the occurrence of accidents at building sites

Linde’s latest innovation, the reverse proximity sensor alarm, is an audio-visual warning and automatic truck slow down system. The ultrasonic sensors detect objects or personnel to the rear or side of the truck and automatically reduces the truck speed in accordance to the distance from the object or person.

David Bowen, Counterbalance Product Manager at Linde Material Handling said: “At Linde, we’re constantly updating our fleets with the latest innovations to meet the growing safety demands across the construction sector.

“We have an ever-increasing range of safety products and equipment, all designed with the welfare of material handling equipment operators, pedestrians and employees in mind to reduce the risk of damage or personal injury across construction sites.

“This product was designed and created to provide safety solutions for a specific client, Ibstock, but we have now decided to make it available to the wider market.

In addition to the reverse proximity sensor alarm, Linde Material Handling heavy duty trucks can be fitted with TruckSpot. Similar to the original BlueSpot light, TruckSpot is a visual driving path warning device which encourages safety by ensuring personnel remain outside of the triangle-shaped warning light projected onto the floor just a few metres ahead in the direction of travel. The triangle light acts as a warning to pedestrians who may be approaching and can be lit up constantly or flash in order to attract attention.

All trucks are also fitted as standard with automatic parking brake when the engine is switched off, routine deceleration and service braking by the automatic transmission, excellent panoramic visibility, hydrostatic power steering and low noise levels to ensure optimal awareness of surroundings.

Aside from addressing the issue of safety across construction sites, the H35D automatic engine speed adjustment control means that the engine speed is adjusted automatically according to actual power requirement by hydraulic control, resulting in greater fuel efficiency, reduced exhaust emissions and better operator comfort. The H35D is extremely fuel efficient and cost effective, moving heavy duty materials quickly and efficiently without the need to regularly refuel.