Linde Material Handling has expanded its range of electric tow tractors with the launch of its latest P20 model with a two tonne towing capacity, making it capable of pulling up to five small trailers.

This new addition has a compact design and extends the company’s existing range of tractors, previously covering the 3 to 25 tonne towing capacity band.

Primarily intended for indoor use, particularly in confined spaces, the tractor is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its chassis width of 600 mm and 3-wheel configuration ensures high manoeuvrability, allowing the vehicle to be operated in tight corners in factories, warehouses and stores.

The Linde P20 tractor is also available as a platform truck, with a carrying capacity of 400 kilogrammes, for use in production environments such as the automotive industry or to aid maintenance crews carrying around heavy tool boxes. In addition, the option of increased ground clearance from 40 to 80 mm ensures that both tractor and platform truck are capable of outdoor use.

These models have a maintenance-free 1.5 kW AC drive motor and their batteries can be replaced either laterally or vertically for quick changing in multi-shift applications. Automatic electric braking when the traction control is released ensures safe, secure operation on gradients. An automatic parking brake allows the tractor and trailer train to be parked safely when the operator dismounts.

The operator’s platform of the Linde P20 has a folding seat with an adjustable backrest, reducing the physical stress placed upon the operator. The ergonomic shape of the tiller also protects the operator’s hands to increase safety when operating the vehicle. The low step height of 119 mm allows operators to comfortably get on and off the tractor.

A knee guard device located in the tractor interior protects the operator during heavy braking, and the trailer couplings available ensures that the vehicle can match up to many different types of load carriers. LED lights positioned at the front and rear of the tractor form part of the standard lighting system and can be supplemented by additional working lights upon request.

Stuart Sims, head of marketing at Linde Material Handling, said: “Electric tow tractors have become increasingly popular during recent years. The market recorded an average annual growth rate of around 7% and new fields of application are emerging all the time.

“Our new range of tow tractors can be used both indoors and out and are suitable for many different types of work. The P20 tractor is ideal for use in hospitals, railway stations or wholesale markets, as well as in many production applications, while the platform tractor W04 eases transport of loads up to 400 kg for maintenance teams.