Burglar methods of attack increase in sophistication and severity year-on-year, so in order to counter these advances security products need to meet and surpass these threats.

Cylinder locks are a particular risk. Since 2009 there has been a rise in lock snapping techniques, and statistics from the BBC reveal that 27% of all burglaries across the country involved lock snapping on euro cylinders.

The locks most at risk of this type of attack are fitted with a euro profile cylinder. Euro profile locks are found in the majority of PVCu and composite doors installed in the last 15 years and operate in combination with a multipoint lock.

By upgrading their cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent attack, ideally meeting the TS007 standard, homeowners can help to safeguard their properties against such security threats.

With many consumers preferring to use professionals to carry out the work rather than try their hand at DIY, this presents an opportunity for tradespeople, which in turn offers opportunities for proactive and knowledgeable merchants.

TS007 is a security standard for replacement lock cylinders and protective door furniture which offers comparable levels of cylinder security to those already found in complete door assemblies rated to PAS 24 and complete lock assemblies rated to BS and PAS 3621/8621/10621 and DHF TS 621.

TS007 was introduced in response to the growing threat of burglary, given the increased availability of information on lock attack techniques on the internet. The standard uses a three star system in which the cylinder, or a combination of the cylinder and security furniture, must have an accumulative three stars to meet the minimum security requirements.

The star rating of any given product will be indicated above the Kitemark on the packaging, and it is up to the person fitting the furniture to ensure they have the correct combination of hardware to accumulate the three stars and comply with the standard.

By stocking trusted brands and ensuring their knowledge of the latest standards and products is up-to-date, merchants place themselves in a trusted and respected position to generate healthy sales, while helping customers take advantage of opportunities in the home security market.

David Herbert is head of marketing at Yale.