Easigrass explains why it is an ever-growing market in the UK and why are people rejecting traditional lawns

The term “artificial grass” has tripled in popularity according to Google Trends, which tracks the popularity of online searches - it’s a 185% jump in May in 2020 compared with the same month last year.

This suggests a clear surge in people looking to convert their lawn with artificial turf. It’s an ever-growing market in the UK but why are people rejecting traditional lawns and what are the factors behind this surge in interest?

The lockdown effect

More time at home means more time to spend browsing the web, and it seems like people are aiming their sights on their garden. The rise in searches suggests people are looking for ways to keep their gardens green all year round - especially since they’ve had longer to look at it while cooped up indoors.

Even those with a green finger might have found it hard to maintain a lawn in the spring heatwave, where we’ve seen higher than normal temperatures along with little rain, resulting in patchy grass. Factor in the need to constantly mow, water and seed a natural lawn at the best of times and you can see why people are looking to make the switch.

On top of all this, the lockdown has meant people are looking for innovative, contactless services to get what they need without any health risks.

Why is artificial grass so popular?

Artificial grass can stand up to heavy use from children and pets with little need for maintenance. This allows families and pets more time to enjoy their gardens - minus the hard labour - whatever the weather. And with companies like Easigrass offering a variety of options, it gives people the ability to tailor the look of a garden based on usage to achieve the right aesthetics.

Matthew Spedding, National Sales Manager at Easigrass, said: “We have seen a boom in fake grass over the years as more and more people are looking to have a garden that looks great, without the upkeep that comes with a normal grass lawn.

”The homeowners of the UK are reaching the conclusion that they no longer want to spend hours mowing their grass and topping up their lawn with seed regularly. They are looking to enjoy their garden with convenience to go alongside an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

“Traditional gardens can become easily destroyed during the spring and summer period, with kids and pets rightfully making the garden their own playground. But homeowners want the tranquillity of a garden without the inconvenience of having to regularly maintain and repair it.

"Artificial turf is a great solution to giving the kids and pets the lovely lawn to play on while maintaining the look and feel of a traditional garden. It’s that simple.”