MP Moran is delighted to announce it has completed its annual fundraising drive and this year has decided to support a local charity called Sparkles.

Sparkles offers invaluable specialist therapy to children with Down’s syndrome as well as offering tremendous support and guidance to the parents of children with Down’s syndrome. All of the work Sparkles carry out is funded by the parents and families of the children attending sessions as well as fundraising support like MP Moran is offering this year.

Without such support they would not be able to carry on the fantastic work they offer these children and families. Children born with Down’s syndrome have many hurdles to overcome in their development and the work that Sparkles offers is a huge support and has been extremely successful in helping them to overcome these hurdles since they were set up in 1999.

This year, MP Moran has raised £7,000 for Sparkles to cover the costs of one of the therapy sessions they run for children with Down’s syndrome. These funds were vital in order to be able to run these important and valuable sessions.