MP Moran and Sons has launched a number of initiatives to improve the sustainability of its distribution system across its seven sites in London, Hertfordshire and Ireland.

Focusing on the environmental impact of vehicle journeys, MP Moran and Sons is trialling a range of measures, including diversifying its fleet to include smaller commercial vehicles, hybrid vehicles and heavy goods trucks.

Its recently expanded 125,000 sq. ft warehouse in Watford acts as a central distribution centre, enabling the building and plumbing merchant to purchase in larger quantities, reducing the number of individual deliveries received from suppliers each day.

Where possible, deliveries are also made directly to the client by the supplier. Currently, 10% of all deliveries, which equates to 5,000 each year, are completed straight from the supplier to the client. This figure continues to increase as MP Moran and Sons take every opportunity to place direct delivery orders with its suppliers.

The diversification of MP Moran and Sons’ fleet has seen an increase in the use of light commercial vehicles for the delivery of smaller products, such as bathroom suites and accessories, particularly within residential areas.

Kevin Moran, Operations Director at MP Moran and Sons, said: “We are continuously exploring opportunities to minimise the impact of our operations, particularly concerning transportation.

“We are currently investigating the benefit of alternative fuels, whilst simultaneously undertaking training seminars to challenge and possibly adopt viable cost effective alternative fuels. We have also been able to reduce the number of vehicles on our fleet through a comprehensive review of our routing and scheduling procedures.”

As part of its commitment, MP Moran and Sons is also currently trialling two hybrid vehicles, one petrol / electric and one diesel / electric, whilst also looking to introduce an electric van into the fleet in the near future.