Make Good Plasters and Fillers announce the release of their long-awaited multi-skim finish.

The company started in 2017 with a small range of jointing and filling products, followed by the launch of undercoat plasters and plasterboard. Finally, after collaborating with an experienced team of UK-based plasterers and following thousands of trial development tests, the Make Good team have released their much-anticipated white multi-skim finish.

Make Good Director, Tim Surmeli commented, “The UK plaster market is well established with some products that are very dominant. We really wanted to be able to offer the plasterers a credible choice and at the same time deliver some USP’s of our own. Plasterers have long been screaming out for choice in the market and we have worked closely with them to deliver them just that. Our aim was to create something for plasterers made by plasterers.
This process has been a real labour of love. After three long years in the making, we are so pleased to see our multi-skim come to fruition and be able to add this to our product range. “This is a game changer for the UK plaster industry.”