Decorating fashions run in cycles and mouldings are definitely ‘back in’ - making their mark on the interior design world.

From traditional period properties, to contemporary newbuilds, mouldings are becoming a very popular choice for those looking to add character and style to their home.

For installers, trimming the interior of a room is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add elegance and character to their work. Regardless of whether it is a commercial property or a living room, the devil really is in the detail, and the better the workmanship, the more these details are apparent. Mouldings also allow installers to cover up, tidy up and smooth off unsightly edges and expansion gaps helping to create the perfect finish in any room.

By stocking a variety of mouldings in different styles and sizes, merchants can help installers keep up with growing consumer demands. They are easy to fit and are an ideal compact, off-the-shelf product that will help meet a particular specification or act as an added-value sale.

Paul Lerigo is marketing director at Richard Burbidge.