At Dunlop we are proud to offer a comprehensive support team assisting builders’ merchants across the UK, but it is crucial that merchants understand what services and support their suppliers can offer them which, if utilised correctly, can secure significant increases in sales.

Dunlop’s support team, which includes product support technicians, area sales managers and our national technical support manager, offer a comprehensive advice service on the phone, online and on-site.

That means if you’ve got a query on tiling or decorating, which needs technical expertise, they are on hand to give you an answer you can trust. We can say this with confidence because our team has many years’ experience in both the tiling and decorating markets – the majority were self-employed tradespeople before moving to the company – so they know what they’re talking about!

As well as providing technical support, our team can also deliver product training to merchants and their staff at their place of work. Switched-on merchants know that builders and installers want to be engaged by knowledgeable retail staff to help them take home the right products for their job in hand.

Experience shows that what the customer values more than anything else is a person who has been carefully trained to deliver product information and installation advice.

Putting your staff through a simple days training course with a member of Dunlop’s support team on a specific product line or installation technique can help increase your sales and ultimately your market share.

Our support team can also be called-on to assist customers on particularly complex jobs or for on-site problem solving. You can trust our team to offer dependable solutions and remedies for any issue.

Supporting our team is our Technical Helpline and online Live Chat facility available 9-5pm, Monday to Friday. Merchants and customers can call 0845 600 1 222 or log-on to and speak to our technical or customer services team.

Debi Boulton is sales and marketing manager at Dunlop Adhesives.