Investment in energy efficient plant and machinery, environmentally friendly LED lighting and an employee skills development scheme are among the improvements to be undertaken by M&M Timber.

Eighteen months since it became part of Forest Garden, M&M Timber says it is to achieve the plans with the backing of group administrative resources and financial investment that has already enabled the company to develop its key product areas.

Focusing on environmental factors, the new manufacturing plant is to include an advanced biomass processing facility and new timber chipping machinery for a proposed heat initiative scheme that will fuel the company’s timber drying kilns. The company also has also suggested it intends to install a third biomass operated kiln early next year.

Following the results of a recent survey on green issues at the Midlands manufacturing centre, further investment is to be made available for installing energy saving LED lighting throughout.

A new employee skills development programme that has just been announced is designed to promote active job progression, the company says, with the emphasis on building and developing a highly skilled and settled workforce. The programme will involve supervisors, team leaders, health & safety training, with NVQ qualifications in administration, warehousing and distribution.

A newly built on-site staff training centre includes a dedicated facility for employee induction programmes.

Nigel Poyner, M&M Timber’s managing director, said: “The new developments are the most significant in our company’s 30 year history and will equip the company with a more dynamic stance and stronger market presence in the years ahead. The emphasis will be on further investment in technology and manufacturing processes and, perhaps more importantly, in building a loyal workforce with the skills and aptitude to take us forward.”