Managed Services, part of Travis Perkins, which provides maintenance materials and supply chain planning for public sector organisations, has opened a new store in Aldershot, exclusively for housing association First Wessex.

Stocking all required heavy and light side materials, this dedicated store will provide everything First Wessex needs to maintain its properties in the local area with improved efficiency and at a lower cost.

The store was opened as part of a five-year agreement (which can be extended) between Managed Services and First Wessex, following similar arrangements in Eastleigh and Portsmouth.

The dedicated store will ensure that the repairs and maintenance staff at First Wessex have instant access to whatever stock they need, whenever they need it – either by arranging delivery or paying a visit to the store.

Managed Services is now fully responsible for supply chain management at First Wessex. It has already introduced new, better-value products and are continually finding ways of improving access to stock, such as dedicated stores, as well as other innovations, which help the repair and maintenance teams increase their work rate by reducing the amount of time spent sourcing and transporting materials.

The implementation of more advanced trade supply planning systems by Managed Services has also reduced inconvenience to residents needing repairs by reducing waiting times, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of scheduled property refurbishments – even saving costs, in some cases, by cutting downtime between tenancies.

Hazel Warwick, asset management director at First Wessex, said: “The new Managed Services store is in an ideal location and it will greatly improve our materials management in Aldershot. As well as enhancing our repairs and maintenance service, the cost savings and other efficiencies created as a result of this new contact will allow First Wessex to improve our services for residents and build more homes.”

Stuart Hough, managing director of Managed Services, added: “We are very proud to be opening our third dedicated Managed Services store for First Wessex. Since we began our partnership with this housing association, we have been working on streamlining processes and reducing costs, and dedicated stores help to achieve this. We not only strive to improve service by providing better value and the right product selection, but seek to enhance the management of the supply chain by providing easy access to materials – freeing up employees and contractors to work more efficiently.”