IsoCavity is Mannok’s new full fill PIR (polyisocyanurate) cavity wall Insulation, with this highly efficient product complementing its existing range of quality insulation boards.

Mannok’s new product, tested and certified to accommodate a 10mm residual cavity, utilises more of the cavity width than traditional partial fill PIR boards, without compromising the weathertightness of the wall.

Mannok IsoCavity board, which is easy to cut and fit, is manufactured with profiled tongue-and-groove edges which aids installation, ensure continuity of insulation across the joint and eliminates any risk of moisture ingress.

With a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mk and with low emissivity composite foil facings increasing the thermal resistance of the 10mm residual cavity, Mannok IsoCavity maximises the thermal performance of the wall resulting in U-Values which can easily meet and exceed all current building regulations.

By fully utilising the cavity, Mannok IsoCavity will significantly increase the thermal performance of the wall without increasing the overall thickness of the wall. 

Like all of our range of Mannok PIR Insulation products, Mannok IsoCavity has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), making it not just thermally efficient, but a product that will improve the overall sustainability of the building.

Mannok IsoCavity has just received Agrément certification approval, acknowledging the high quality of the product and giving assurances on its technical compliance within the construction industry.

Jason Martin, Specification and Product Development Manager at Mannok, commented: “Following the completion of our testing and certification process, we are delighted to bring this new full fill PIR cavity board to the market. Our new IsoCavity board will replace our existing IsoShield board with the added benefit of a 10mm residual cavity and a more user-friendly foil to aid installation, without any compromise in thermal performance.

“Having had early discussions with our customer base, we are confident that this will be a very welcome addition to our product range and the construction industry as a whole.”

Lee Gillman, GB Sales & Marketing Director at Mannok, added: “We are delighted to add the new IsoCavity board to our extensive range of insulation products. We are always looking at improvement, and with ease of installation while also maximising the thermal performance of the wall, we feel that IsoCavity is a product that will prove a very beneficial addition.”