Marsh Industries has announced the launch of its "Make it Marsh" campaign, aimed at providing price reductions on key product ranges.

Due to a positive trend in raw material prices, the company has been able to reduce prices on its domestic pump stations, Hydroil oil separators, and Ensign by 26%, 21%, and 19% respectively.

These price reductions are applicable to all deliveries and orders placed from February onwards, and are part of Marsh Industries' on-going commitment to supporting its customers during challenging times, the company says.

The "Make it Marsh" campaign echoes the industry's call for manufacturers to take a realistic approach to pricing and help merchants remain competitive in the market.

In addition to the price reductions, Marsh Industries has also launched a comprehensive training program, including the distribution of 3000 USB memory sticks for on-the-job training. The company aims to support merchants in increasing their market share and winning more business through training and education.