PermaLawn launches search for 100 stockists as landscaping season begins

With summer fast approaching, PermaLawn is encouraging UK merchants to consider diversifying their stock range by adding artificial grass that’s simple to install with a high-quality aesthetic, giving their customers an easy way to broaden their own services.

Last year, the UK was one of the top three European countries to see the greatest growth in DIY  according to a study by USP Marketing Consultancy. And now, with consumers spending more time at home than ever before during lockdown, landscaping and DIY markets are seeing even more of a surge in popularity.

Merchants can help contractors to make the most of this demand by choosing to work in partnership with tried and tested brands such as PermaLawn.

Artificial grass is a smart, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing alternative for homeowners who want a lawn that’s hassle-free and always looks freshly cut – but, it’s important to invest in a quality product up front to ensure the lawn’s longevity, whatever the British weather.

PermaLawn offers a wide range of grasses to suit each individual customer’s needs which are measured and delivered to exact garden specifications and are high-quality enough to stand the test of time.

Adrian Buttress, Managing Director of PermaLawn, said: “Now is the perfect opportunity for merchants to expand their choice of landscaping products, as we head into the summer and the time when homeowners  want their gardens in top condition.

"We’re searching for 100 new stockists to take advantage of the product that we have ready to go at our Derbyshire headquarters, in addition to our support team that are on hand to help merchants across the country.

“By introducing a range of PermaLawn products, our stockists will be able to ensure they’re selling a high-quality product that’s in demand, easy to install and, to top it all off, comes with a seven-year guarantee.”

Based at its headquarters in Derbyshire, PermaLawn purposefully sits on 100,000m2 of stock all year round, meaning traders won’t have to wait the usual average of up to 12-weeks for a delivery to be fulfilled and can start selling straight away while the demand is there.

Buttress added: “We don’t want homeowners to have to plan their garden renovations months in advance, so ensuring we have stock that’s available 24/7, 365 days a year is something we pride ourselves on. By reaching out to more stockists across the country we’ll be able to ensure the continuation of our high-quality service and allow homeowners easier access to our products at the time they need them most.”

If you’re interested in becoming a local stockist for PermaLawn, visit