Following COP26, the designer and manufacturer of premium showers and taps, Methven, is urging businesses to act now to get ahead of anticipated net zero targets for water.

The UN recently predicted that there will be a 40% shortfall in freshwater resources by 2030 and during the Climate Change Conference world leaders came together to discuss an environmental pledge that focused on saving water. 

While much of the discussions to date for companies and governments to move to net zero has mostly focused on greenhouse gas emissions, there is now a wave of net zero pledges that focus solely on water usage. 

This follows the Government’s 25-Year Environment Plan, outlined by Environment Secretary George Eustice, which includes placing mandatory water efficiency labels on products as well as new regulations that will see 110 litres of personal daily water consumption as a standard in all new homes.

Martin Walker, CEO for Methven, said: “We’re starting to see a shift within all industries on the way in which we respond to climate change, and while carbon has been at the forefront of those conversations, we are encouraged to see that water efficiency is now gaining prevalence within these discussions.

“Businesses are now looking inward at their water usage as well as exploring how they can encourage their end users to save water. As a manufacturer we are committed to working with companies, architects and specifiers to provide products that allow them to achieve the highest levels of water sustainability.” 

There are concerns that the UK will experience severe water shortages and water-stressed regions in the next 20 years due to climate change and population growth. In response, Methven has launched its Specification Range of showers and taps with the goal of helping Britain achieve the highest standards in water efficiency. 

Walker continued: “It’s imperative that as an industry, we collectively take a proactive approach to protecting the UK’s water supply through the specification of tapware and showering systems that deliver the highest possible standards of energy and water efficiency.

“However, achieving this goal shouldn’t have to be at the sacrifice of form and function.  Methven is giving professionals the chance to seize the opportunity and achieve the currently optional 110 litres per person per day for Part G legislation, with a range of products that come in a selection of metallic finishes, with innovative and patented technologies to use less water yet, offer no compromise on performance.”