Methven, the global designer and manufacturer of premium showers, has unveiled the next phase of its patented Aurajet technology shower range with the release of two new Aio products.

Featuring Methven’s patented Aurajet technology, the 220mm Aio Overhead Shower, which is almost 70% larger than the standard handset, brings the superior spray and unique ‘halo’ design into ultra-wide coverage for all-over warmth and maximum body contact. The large Overhead Shower is designed for mains or high-pressures and is available in all-over chrome or chrome and white options.

The other new addition is the dual head Aio Shower System, which comprises the fully-immersive Aio Overhead Shower and the Aio Shower Handset, for a more directed and concentrated spray. The system comes with an integrated diverter to allow for easy switching between the two outlets.

The range takes the science of showering to new levels, using water deflection to offer an unparalleled showering experience. Invisible hidden nozzles generate single jets of water that hit precisely-engineered surfaces to produce a wide, even shower spray with no gaps and enhanced droplet density.

Using an engineered polymer with hydrophobic properties and silicon rubber nozzles, Aurajet technology reduces hard water build-up and resists the accumulation of limescale. Aurajet also delivers up to 20% more* total spray force and twice the amount of skin contact* yet uses as little water as nine litres per minute, continuing Methven’s commitment to savings on water and energy bills for consumers.

The Aio range also includes a handset; a wall shower on a short arm; a hi-rise shower; a hand shower with hose, wall outlet and parking bracket; a rail shower and a thermostatic cool to touch bar shower and kit. A range of Aio taps manufactured from Eco Brass® complements the collection.

David Banfield, Methven Group CEO, said: “The hugely successful Aurajet shower technology that was designed, developed and manufactured by the team in New Zealand, is on track to be our most successful product yet.

“Such has been the success of the range, we have extended it with the addition of these two new products, giving customers more choice and more opportunity to experience the award-winning Aurajet technology.”

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*Aio has up to 20% more spray force than a Methven conventional shower