Alok Sharma, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has written a letter to the industry expressing his admiration.

The letter addressed "to everyone working in the construction sector" starts with referrencing the pandemic and the second lockdown, which was implemented in 5 November. It goes on with a quick outline of the governement guidance for the sector, which is described as "a key part of our economy." 

Sharma then becomes more specific and praises the sector for its response to the crisis: "During this difficult Autumn, I want to pay tribute to you and express my admiration for all the work you are doing. Whether working on large or small construction sites, in peoples’ homes across the country, in builders’ merchants, designing and project managing schemes or producing construction and mineral products, you are making an invaluable contribution in supporting the economy.

"Since the outset of the pandemic in March, you have performed a vital role. In the past six months we have seen the industry build the Nightingale Hospitals, accelerate the delivery of infrastructure projects, support vital public services and help the country adapt buildings to become Covid-Secure. Whilst doing this, the industry has itself had to innovate and adapt, changing the way it operates on sites, finding more efficient ways of delivering projects, and collaborating effectively throughout the supply chain.

"My Department and I are in regular contact with industry leaders about the risks, issues and challenges you face."

The letters concludes with an expression of thanks: "Thank you again to everyone operating in the UK construction sector. You are making a hugely valued and critical contribution to our country."

-> Coronavirus (COVID-19): letter to the construction sector, November 2020