CHELTENHAM: Mira Showers' latest campaign is targeting consumers this spring. The manufacturer is spending £800 000 on a sophisticated promotion that will see a roll-out of lifestyle advertising aimed at ABC1s – affluent professionals who aspire to enhance their homes.

The 'My Mira' campaign will take a three-prong approach featuring consumer advertising focusing on: technology; thermostatic showers, emphasising their safety characteristics for families with small children and Mira's opaque glass facades, aimed at enticing women to look at the products with an eye to their aesthetics.

Said Roger Crabb, marketing manager  – communications at Mira: "There will be 40 ads appearing in home interest magazines and the Sunday supplements." The company has done its research well. The Mail on Sunday's 'You' magazine's special May interiors edition will be seen by over two million consumers.

Mr Crabb explained that Mira will also be making use of sophisticated 'behavioural targeting'. The 'digital' part of the campaign will feature skyscraper advertisements that will appear online to those consumers who have visited home interest sites.

Later on in the year, a second wave of campaigns are planned to boost autumn sales of Mira shower systems.