Combining its 85-years’ expertise providing challenging industries, such as automotive, aircraft and construction industries with exceptionally strong double-sided tapes – and the demand from tradesmen and women for a reliable bonding alternative to drilling holes, tesa has developed a new tesa® PRO Craftsmen assortment for complex mounting and bonding applications.

The assortment consists of eight tapes which offers tradespeople a quick and easy solution for efficient mounting of objects without a drill in sight – no dust, no noise or hassle – just a guaranteed strong hold. 

Whether fitting kitchens, attaching signs to walls where no holes are allowed or materials such as glass and metal, or mounting mirrors in humid areas, there’s a reliable, industrial quality tape within the tesa® PRO mounting range to tackle all bonding applications on any surface – both indoor and outdoor.

tesa® PRO 66792 Mounting Ultra Strong

Heavy duty mounting tape to hang objects up to 10kg per 10cm tape, double-sided - long-lasting for secure hold without screws, plugs or nails - Indoor and outdoor use.

tesa® Professional 66728 Mounting ACXplus MP

High performance industrial quality multi-purpose mounting tape resistant to damage caused by moisture, (certain) chemicals, softening agents and UV-light - suitable for indoor applications which require a secure and lasting bond. 

tesa® PRO 66952 Mounting Mirror

Humidity-resistant double-sided mounting tape for installing mirrors and objects up to 4mm thick on smooth surfaces in humid or damp surroundings without screws or tools. 

tesa® PRO 66965 Mounting Transparent

Transparent and durable double-sided tape for holding up to 2kg on surfaces such as, glass, tiles, finished wood and many types of plastic. Resistant to temperatures up to 100°C as well as damage caused by moisture, (certain) chemicals, softening agents and UV-light.

tesa® PRO 66751 Mounting Outdoor

Weather and temperature-resistant adhesive tape ideal for outdoor use. Its strong, long-lasting and reliable bonding power allows for mounting on complicated surfaces such as, brick, metal and hard plastics.

tesa® PRO 66743 Mounting Wallpaper & Plaster

Designed for attaching objects up to 10kg to sensitive or textured surfaces such as, wallpaper and plaster without using nails or screws. Its formula compensates minor surface irregularities and simplifies craftsmen and women’s work.

tesa® PRO 66714 Mounting Slim

Extra thin (9mm wide) double-sided tape for mounting narrow objects on indoor surfaces such as, tiles, painted wood, veneer, steel (most metals), most plastics and glass.

tesa® PRO 66958 Mounting Universal

Multi-purpose, hand tear-able tape for indoor use for fixing light objects such as, cable channels, stucco mounting and skirting without leaving holes in walls. The tesa PRO Mounting Universal is a true all-rounder! 

Anthony Asparassa, tesa UK comments: “We’ve taken our many years’ experience in the adhesive market to develop a range of reliable tapes to enable craftsmen and women to tackle any mounting job on any surface. Whether attaching objects to smooth or textured surfaces - indoor or outdoor - there’s a tape suitable for any trade. The tesa® PRO Mounting Range is the perfect addition to every craftsman's toolbox.”

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