NBG is launching Merchant Pages, a new online product data service for its merchant partners and suppliers. 

Developed in partnership with NMBS, Merchant Pages is a new information portal that can be accessed through the NBG hub. It aims to make uploading, updating and using supplier product and pricing files a simple, accurate and speedy task for merchants.

NBG prides itself on providing excellent, hassle-free systems for merchants and suppliers alike. This innovation makes the NBG hub truly the place for merchants to access suppliers' product information and is completely free to use for both suppliers and NBG Partners.

Many independent merchants with small back office teams find uploading supplier information manually a time-consuming and inefficient process. The information is rarely in a standard format, and mistakes often creep in, creating invoice queries, while some merchants do not have the time or resources to regularly update systems until an order comes in.

Merchant Pages offers merchant partners a simplified and fast way to access up-to-date, accurate product and pricing information from NBG suppliers. It also allows suppliers to upload their product information accurately in a standardised format onto NBG's secure portal, where it can be accessed and downloaded by all NBG partners.

The system can accommodate a full data file with prices, technical and packaging data, barcodes and even links to images and COSHH sheets.

"This is an important initiative from NBG in partnership with NMBS and will be rolled out from January 2017," said Nick Oates, managing director of NBG. "The project was extremely well-received when it was launched at the NBG Conference and we believe it will offer real cost, time, and resource benefits for our merchant partners. In the longer term, we believe that our partners will be able to use this accurate, comprehensive data to enable them to compete more effectively online."

NBG has in excess of £850m of end user sales, with 82 partner merchants who collectively own over 300 outlets across the UK.